This year I tested equipment, bought an iPad Pro 11” thinking that I’d not take the laptop on trips, rather get by with the new iPad, iPhone and switch to Lightroom rather than Lightroom Classic. We took a trip to Panama with Overseas Adventure Travel - a fabulous and rewarding travel experience. My camera did get to go, and my relatives had a wonderful trip. Later I photographed Kids In Motion, a dance opportunity for youngsters, and a master class with the professional dance troupe - Peridance. Spring brought a chance to record a bird walk in Monument Valley Park, a neighborhood tour with the Historic Preservation Alliance, an incredible exhibit on Leonardo da Vinci at the Museum of Nature and Science, a Cotillion featuring my granddaughter (kicking and screaming) and a Pink Floyd tribute band at Stargazers. (Use arrows to advance. Hover or click mouse over image to pause slideshow.)